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mmartinez3Mario E. Martinez is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in how cultural beliefs affect the interaction of productivity, health and longevity. He is the founder of Biocognition Science and The Empowerment Code™ He developed an organizational model that views productivity and wellness as inseparable components of sustainable profits. The Empowerment Code™ is the first organizational training program that brings combined principles of Psychoneuroimmunology, neuroscience and cultural anthropology to the workplace. Based on parameters that allow the immune system to make several hundred thousand decisions per minute, The Empowerment Code™ offers an organizational language that maximizes creativity, initiative and productivity, while diminishing conditions that contribute to chronic illnesses. Martinez holds a Masters degree in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Madrid. He also has post-doctoral training in psychopharmacology from Farleigh Dickinson University. Because of his work in how cultural beliefs affect the immune system, Martinez has investigated alleged cases of stigmata for the Catholic Church, the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. He lectures worldwide on his theory of Biocognition and teaches Empowerment Code principles to top US corporate executives and to global organizations in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia Pacific.



lorenduffyLoren Duffy is based in Dublin and Los Angeles where he  mentors CEOs, executives, artists, and celebrities. In the entertainment, business, and government sectors he has worked with Disney, Universal Studios, American Express, Sky, Diageo, The United Nations and other major conglomerates in the US and Europe. He has scaled dozens of SMEs and has custom-designed substantive staff development programs. He has trained more than 300 professional coaches and licensed therapists as well as mentored private clients in over 40 countries around the world. He holds a Masters degree in clinical psychology from Trinity College Dublin, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from University College Dublin. Duffy is a certified master instructor in Biocognition and is a contributor to the development of  The Empowerment Code™


Senior Vice President

paul3Paul McMahon has a BSc. (Eng.) from Trinity College Dublin and is a certified instructor in Biocognition. He has worked in engineering project management in Japan, Europe and the Middle East. As part of the Japanese core management team he studied lean manufacturing practices in Japan and Asia before setting up two green field production sites in the UK to supply Sony and other Japanese TV and electronics manufacturers in Europe. With 6 years of cutting edge production methodologies, Paul moved back to Ireland to work in the production systems business designing and promoting shop floor management systems interfaced to ERP systems such as SAP to streamline production and warehouse processes. Since 2000 Paul has been an independent management consultant working in International trade, raising finance and mentoring start up projects in healthcare, finance and IT systems. Paul studied the convergence of Empowerment Code and Biocognitive Science principles believing this model is the next frontier to health, sustainability, cohesiveness and prosperity in corporate and organizational cultures.

Vice President, Research & Development 


Patrick H. Martinez is based in Nashville where he served as research director for the Biocognitive Science Institute (BSI) for three years before joining The Empowerment Code™. He was named a Kluge Scholar at Columbia University, where he graduated with a degree in political science (international relations). Martinez is a specialist on US and Latin American foreign policy, as well as on the European Union integration of former Communist states. He has also researched the political and cultural consequences of rapid socioeconomic shifts in the European Union such as Ireland's Celtic Tiger phenomenon. He is involved in the development of wellness and productivity management strategies that are adaptive to the ethnic, geopolitical, and socioeconomic diversity of global organizations.

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