Value Proposition

Value Proposition


valueTo assess the benefits of approaching productivity and wellness as inseparable components of sustainable profits, we measure twenty variables that correlate highly with Empowerment and creativity. We do not include "job satisfaction" as one of our measures in our profiling. We argue that reported levels of job satisfaction are notoriously unreliable because of the implicit pressure to respond in a socially desirable direction. For that reason, as well as for other confounding factors, job satisfaction measures do not correlate highly with wellness and productivity. In order to minimize the social desirability factor, we ask employees to respond anonymously to measures that may be sensitive to that confound (e.g. individual health assessment).

Since The Empowerment Code™ model considers cultural and ethnic influences essential in the acquisition of corporate language, we provide a socioeconomic and anthropological profile of the culture(s) for global organizations that do business in different countries or with diverse ethnic groups. Before we introduce The Empowerment Code™ to a designated country we research the socioeconomics, ethnicity and other cultural values of the region that could affect the assimilation of corporate mandates. We then provide solutions if the corporate language does not coincide with concepts of initiative, authority, autonomy, worthiness and external incentives of the culture.


  • Increase Sustainable Profits and Wellness
  • Reduce Burnout and other Disempowering Conditions
  • Increase Effectiveness of Intrinsic Incentive Systems
  • Transition from External Motivation to Intrinsic Mastery Values
  • Reduce Culture-Specific Obstructionism
  • Reduce Health-Related Costs
  • Reduce Shadow Costs
  • Understand the Shadow Costs of Pyrrhic Productivity 
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Reduce Employee Sense of  Helplessness and Isolation
  • Increase Empowerment Mandates
  • Modify Channels of Authority that Contribute to Chronic Illnesses
  • Reduce Organizational Sub-Cultures of Passive-Aggressiveness and Cynicism



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